J a k e

J a k e
at the beach in Destin

Jake's story

July 21st was a normal day, as were the days of summer before. Everything was in it's place. School days were approaching and the family was enjoying the last days by the pool, ignored bedtimes and high popsicle counts.

Then July 22, 2008 came....

Jake had his first seizure. I did not recognize it as such. It was not until he had several more of these "little jerks" and bloody noses that I thought this could be seizure activity. We were scheduled to see a neurologist on August 4th, after going through our pediatrician, however we didn't make it that far. I was awakened August 1st, by Jake in a full seizure (6 minutes long)...he started to turn blue so I called 911....

Here begins our journey......

...we were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Checked in. Released. 3 more grand mal seizures after being released. Checked back in. Sent home 3 days later. Another grand mal, this one lasting a whopping 11 minutes and taken by ambulance again. Stayed at Childrens Dallas for a week. Upping meds, changing meds and mixing meds.
Diagnosis: Epilepsy
Cause: Unknown
We have now found, through some absolutely amazing family and extended family, whom I will NEVER be able to thank enough, the wonderful doctors and nurses at Cook Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth, who are continuing to help us through this. We have had another grand last thursday, and are averaging anywhere from 5-30 seizures (jerks, drops, stares) a day. I was to begin back teaching at Apollo, but am having to put that on hold until the seizures are controlled. Jake is not able to go back to school until he is 30 days seizure free. We are still waiting for that ONE day. Please pray for our family and for little Jake. Although this is not the end of the world, it is a huge hurdle we WILL overcome. Pray for courage for Jake, understanding as parents, good doctors and for the right medicines.

Jake's mom, Christine


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flooded Father's Day

We had an awesome Father's Day planned. We bought a bunch of food, drinks and had some friends and my dad over to hang out by the pool and eat.

Nothing like a day of sun in the company of great friends and family.

After many trips running into the house to grab something for the kids or bring more food out, I stepped into the laundry room.

That's when I saw it!

The flood of water coming from the wall and buckling our hard wood floors.

I run around through the kitchen and see the culprit. The shower and toilet in the middle of the house was clogged and the water was pouring from both, making our house it's own swimming pool.

This indoor swim area was discovered just moments after my dad knocked his tooth on the side of the pool. The knock wasn't the worst part. The tooth actually kept chipping away with every bite or even breath.

So while I am trying to call the dentist for my dad Matt is trying to call a plumber.

Last year, I believe, if this would have happened there would have been much, screaming, yelling and cursing. And we certainly would have thought it was the end of the world!

However this year, we kind of had peace with it. Crap happens, but this is minor compared to what could happen. We have two gorgeous kids, who breath, run, laugh and sing.

Several or even a couple months ago we were unsure what the future would hold for us. What was making Jake so sick and who was this beast that has invaded our house.

So as the water is piling up around my ankles , as I stare out the window at my beautiful children, who are swimming, diving, laughing and smiling, it hit me how afar we have come. We are blessed. I am so grateful and joyous for every "good day" the Lord has given us.

Even though my house is now taken over by loud, annoying fans, I will take this any day over the "what could be."

This is how the kids relax when the fans constantly blow breakers and we lose electricity. (they are watching personal dvd players)

Addison assessing the damage

The mass amount of towels that didn't even make a dent in the cleanup.

Even though it was a much chaotic day, we did manage to squeeze in some fun too.

Jake has been doing great. Well, I am not sure great is the correct word, but GREAT, AMAZING, and AWESOME compared to where we were. He still has been having nocturnal tc's. The weired thing is they happen at almost the same time every day, between 6 and 6:30 am. The doctor suggested we change his meds up a tad. He will be on the same dose and will not be adding anything new, however he takes different dosages at different times now.

He still is pretty tired, wanting to take two naps a day and is down by 8:00. His appetite has dropped a bunch, BUT aside from clumsiness, he is no where near where he was a coupe months ago.

His sentences are bright and quirky, he is fun loving, he can hold his own fork, He doesn't jitter, drool, or head drop. I can't believe where we have come from...it is truly amazing to me!

Here is an example of his clumsiness. Notice the two knots on his head, the scraps all over his chest and the bruising right over his VNS.

The scraps and bruising were caused, because the fearless fellow decided to slide on his tummy down this rock waterfall at his cousins.

The knot, because, when he slid his head hit the step of the pool.

The other knot, because when he regained his composure from the waterfall incident he dove into the spa and again hit his head.

Boys will be boys I guess. (you should see his legs! I like to blame his lack of coordination on the drugs, but truly it could very well be the grace he inherited from his mother:-))

Admiring his big cousin Wes!

and finally....this is why I have a hard time blogging lately...look what Big sister decided to do to her brother while mommy was occupied on the computer!! (little twerps :))

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections

God Bless~ Christine

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